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GrowingSoft™ provides tools for production of any crop in any given environment. Utilizing governmental data and over 26 years of commercial field research GrowingSoft™ automates every aspect of the production process. From seedling to harvest GrowingSoft™ automatically overviews and instructs the production management for a smooth and undisturbed production process.
Growing Manager
Developed utilizing governmental complied data and over 26 years of commercial field-tested data the Growing Manager provides the perfect fertigation solution for every crop (field, orchard and greenhouse) in the market. Growing Manager is fully automated to provide the user with updated fertigation plans utilizing the “efficiency point technology” each time the fertilizer is mixed. The grower is provided instructions each day on necessary activities. Growing Manager is supported by the Expert which will instantly analyze and correct any irregular activities alerted by the Growing Manager.
GrowingSoft™ was implemented and supported by agronomist and IT personal worldwide. Any question in the growing process or errors in the system are addressed by a certified agronomist specialized in the crop.

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