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True Organic is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is bettering the health and environment of the world. True Organic has developed a method of mass-production of 100% organic foods with 0% impact on the soil or surrounding water shed. True Organic's near 3 decades of research will provide consumers with fruits, vegetables, nuts and herbs containing no genetic modification or toxic material in any stage of the growing.
True Organic's system of growing allows the produce to be grown near the population centers of the world, lessening transportation time increasing freshness and taste.
True Organic's farming techniques and technology will solve a spectrum of problems facing all the people of the earth. Recently, we see a rise in disease, not old disease but new disease; a question we must ask ourselves, are the diseases new or is the genetic modification and uses of pesticides on the food and in the soil making humans no longer resistant to disease we have long since been immune.
Fresh 100% organic food provides 10 times the nutrients of conventionally grown produce. The scientific community is just starting to appreciate the natural healing contained in fruits, vegetables, nuts and herbs. For instance True Organic's tomatoes contain 3 to 5 times more Lycpene than conventionally grown tomatoes.
The key to the True Organic technology is that it has a cost comparable to conventional farming, allowing the fresh organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and herbs to be available to low, middle and high income families.

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